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What I Do

I run this lovely blog and corresponding social media (@queerpleasure). I write product reviews, guides, and all about my best tips for pleasure. I love that I get to work with companies and other influencers to help folk learn about pleasure and find toys to enhance their solo and partnered sex lives.  

My Policies

I have always been and will always be 100% honest and authentic in my work. All posts (including sponsored posts) reflect my views. I will not review or recommend anything that is not body-safe (made of dangerous materials or not safe for intended use). I reserve my right as a freelancer to suspend work with or deny partnerships with brands whose ethics I disagree with.

Let's Make It Happen

So you want to work together: awesome! Use the contact form on this site or send me an email at Whether you want to buy ad space, work together on a product review, have me write for you, or anything else, we can discuss logistics and compensation. I look forward to hearing from you :)

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I'm A. (she/they), a clueless queer and blogger. I started this blog because I grew up in a small town where sex--especially queer sex--wasn't talked about. I was a determined youngster and managed to scrape the bottom of the internet barrel to find the information I needed (and later, the information I wanted). Now that I've learned a bit about queer pleasure in all of its forms, I wanted to create the resource I wish I'd had; a place where I could read about someone else's experiences and learn about sex from a pleasure-centered perspective. If you have a question about something or want me to cover a certain topic, just shoot me an email! Chances are, I've been there and would love to help or at least offer some moral support, and who knows, maybe others could benefit from a post about it. 


Stay safe, be gay, and abolish the police, 





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