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Zumio X Review

Super strong, ultra-focused, and intense as hell sound like descriptors of some power tool, or perhaps other *aggressive* machinery but not to fear: I haven’t branched out into reviewing power tools yet. Send me a Doxy and check in again. Believe it or not, I’m talking about the smallest, daintiest vibrator I’ve come across, that's somehow also the most intense: the Zumio X! The Zumio X is, in my opinion as a vibrator aficionado, truly unique; it features a tiny tip (pictured below next to my pointer finger) and a nice, rumbly motor that keeps its power concentrated in that tip. It’s the polar opposite of my beloved Magic Wand Rechargeable which rattles your whole freaking arm.

The Zumio X is, nuanced, refined, and elegant. I’ll speak to the build quality later on in more detail but spoiler alert: it’s amazing. My main focus of this review, as with a lot of my reviews these days thanks to some great toy makers, will be helping you determine if the Zumio X is a good toy for your specific needs since it’s definitely not your average vibrator. 


- 7 inches long 

- 1 inch diameter (handle)

- 0.173 inches diameter (vibrating tip)

- Abs plastic and silicone

- Rechargeable with included charging dock

- Waterproof

- 4 hour battery 

- 8 speeds and no patterns

- Very lightweight 

- "Circular rotation" rather than vibration 

The design is incredibly sleek with easy to access buttons that move up and down in intensity (they're the little silicone figure eight towards the top of the toy). So as you can tell from the photos and description, this really is not a typical vibrator. It’s super pin-pointed and works with more well, er, movement, than your typical vibrator since it’s power is concentrated as circular motions in the tip of the vibrator only (rather than normal vibration which can travel throughout a toy). The circular movement doesn't honestly feel that different in my opinion. Perhaps it's less numbing, but I suspect that also may be due to the small surface area of the toy that touches my vulva.

Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

The Zumio X feels incredibly intense during use, even on the lowest setting. I’m used to broad stimulation from wands or g-spot vibes used clitorally and the Zumio X felt like the clitoral equivalent of being shot out of a gun the first time I used it; this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just something to keep in mind if you like soft or broad stimulation. The lowest/starting speed of the Zumio X is what I would classify as medium strength. Definitely not a low purr like the lowest speeds of the We-Vibe Wand but not as buzzy or strong as the first speed of the Nu Senseulle Joie Bullet. It's what I feel would be a sweet spot for most users, though personally, I'd prefer to have a speed or two slower/less intense.

The Zumio X has a different effect than other external vibrators in that, the tip is so small that only your clitoris (or a part of your clitoris depending on your clit size) will be stimulated. You won't run into that numb feeling that can happen with larger vibrators but you’ll also have to make sure to get the Zumio positioned right and keep it there or you won’t be getting any clit stimulation, unless that is, you want to stimulate something else.

Different Strokes for Different Folx

As I’ve mentioned, the Zumio is super pin-pointed. This is not for everyone. If you’ve enjoyed stimulation from things like:

  • Pen caps

  • Finger nails (not sctratching but the firm slim edge)

  • Toy edges

You may love the pin-point stimulation of the Zumio X! If you prefer stimulation from things like:

  • Wand vibrators

  • Multiple fingers

  • Grinding or humping

You may not like the super intense sensations of pin-point stimulation, but, you also may: it can be a little challenging to know without trying something but think about whether stimulation from very small things is uncomfortable. The Zumio X personally feels a bit too intense and stimulating for my own anatomy and doesn’t get the use that my wan vibrators get. In terms of ideal uses, I would recommend this toys to folx who like or are interested in pin-pointed stimulation for solo or partnered use. The handle of the Zumio is very easy to hold and lightweight, making it easy to use on yourself or others. 

Now the price of the Zumio is something I have mixed feelings about. The Zumio X I have costs about $100 depending on where you purchase it. This is sort of a lot for a vibrator, and in puts the Zumio in the same price bracket as the Womanizer Liberty and Magic Wand Rechargeable which are two of my all-time favorite toys. I think that the Zumio's build quality and features justify the price, but do keep in mind that it's on the pricey side if you're on a budget and new to pin-point stimulation.

Bottom Line

Overall, I would recommend the Zumio X to folx looking for high-quality, pin-point stimulation. Click here to buy the Zumio X and click here to check out other Zumio models.

I was sent a Zumio X by the lovely folk at Zumio in exchange for my honest review. As always in my product reviews, all of my opinions are 100% my own. For more information on my review policies, check out my "work with me" page.

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