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Womanizer Liberty Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


Back in the 2010s, WOW Tech brought the Womanizer to the market with wild claims. It was a unique clitoral stimulation toy from German engineers with the intent of making vulva owners orgasm with new speed and intensity, even promising multiple orgasms and orgasms for most users in under 3 minutes. Now, I am not one to buy into this type of marketing as it feels a bit ridiculous to promise something so extreme to such a large and wide audience (not to mention the gendered nature of the product), but the Womanizer Liberty has been successful in making this vulva owner orgasm pleasantly and intensely. All Womanizer products currently sold are made of body-safe materials, are rechargeable, and come with a luxury price tag. While I personally enjoy this toy, I would not recommend it to everyone. Read on to find out if the Womanizer Liberty could be a good fit for you. 


The Liberty is the smallest and most compact of the Womanizer clitoral suction devices and also one of the lowest priced, at $99 (though the Starlet is slightly less expensive at $79). The Liberty is discreet in appearance and decently quiet (mine can be a touch loud on settings 5 and 6, but it’s still much quieter than something like the Magic Wand Rechargeable), and comes with a magnetic lid for travel or just more convenient storage. I personally do not own other clitoral suction toys to compare it to but other than bullets, this is the smallest motor toy I own (which I really appreciate). It also has the advantage of not resembling a body part if that is a preference of yours. 

The Liberty has 6 different suction strength settings, with the lowest being quite light and fluttery, and the highest setting  which, for my body at least, feels INTENSE. Liberty is rechargeable and the battery lasts about an hour in my use and it’s also fully waterproof, making it suitable for use in the bath or shower. It’s very lightweight and fits easily in the palm of my hand (if anything, I wish the handle were a touch longer since my hands are quite a bit bigger than average). 

Suction toys (“air pleasure” from Womanizer) feel quite different from vibrations and may not be for everyone. They tend to be fairly pointed (meaning focused on stimulation of the clitoris rather than the whole pelvis) and are quite intense: during my testing sessions, the Womanizer Liberty creates a very sensitive and extremely  engaged(?) feeling unlike any other toy I own. If you enjoy intense, pointed stimulation of the clitoris, air pleasure technology may be for you! You may not enjoy suction toys if you have a very sensitive clitoris, a clitoris larger than the mouth opening of a given suction toy (most are roughly 1 cm), or prefer broad stimulation.

This toy has been great for my solo testing sessions but a bit more complicated for partnered use as it has to stay directly on the clitoris during play. The simple forward and backward buttons make navigating the settings of this toy very easy and I am grateful for that since so many vibrators I test out have buttons that render navigation difficult.

But, like, did you cum in three minutes?

No. I did not cum in under three minutes nor did I cum multiple times, though I think it might be important to mention that my body has never done either of those things, regardless of toy or circumstances. This is why I hate Womanizer’s marketing! I get that it may sell products and create a lot of revenue, but I can state confidently that this toy will not work “as intended” for every person with a vulva. I do experience intense, pleasurable orgasms from this toy with little effort on my end and therefore, use it a lot, but goddamn, is it too much to ask for realistic sales pitches? Alas, such are the devils of capitalism but that is an entirely different topic and this is a sex education blog.

My Fluke

My first Womanizer Liberty malfunctioned after the first couple of weeks. I tried everything to fix it but no matter what I did, it would not charge. I contacted the store I had purchased it from (Bellesa Boutique) and they immediately sent me a new one and apologized for the defects as they are not common with Womanizer Liberty. Thank you to Bellesa Boutique for having amazing customer service. I wouldn’t say one needs to be too worried about Womanizer technical issues generally as their products--the Liberty included--have the reputation of working well for years after purchase.

Bottom Line

The Womanizer Liberty is a great version of a clitoral suction toy with a slim, discreet design, and powerful motor. If you are looking to buy an air suction toy and can afford the hundred dollar price tag on the Womanizer and don’t mind the name, I’d say go for it and click here to purchase it. I haven’t gotten the chance to try any of the more budget friendly versions like those from ROMP, Satisfyer, or Unbound so I cannot speak to whether or not those are good alternatives. Keep in mind that if you dislike pinpoint stimulation, this toy may not be for you. Regardless of you toy choices, have a great day y’all, 


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