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We-Vibe Rave Review

Ever seen something and thought, “well that’s sure as hell not what I was expecting?” That was my exact reaction to the We-Vibe Rave when I got it for review. Nonetheless, I knew other reviewers had raved about it’s motor and curve. So, I decided to set aside my judgements and wait until testing to give We-Vibe for making such a purposefully misshapen toy. Let’s get into the details.


  • 7.6 inches long

  • About 5 inches usable length

  • 1.22 inches maximum diameter

  • 10 Vibration settings

  • Splash proof (but not submergible), silicone exterior

  • We-Vibe app compatibility

  • Up to 2 hours use on a single charge

  • $96.05 at the Vibed using code QUEER15

Well, it’s kinda funky looking...

Okay, so in complete honesty, the first thing I noticed when I first took the Rave out of it’s packaging (really great packaging, suitable for storage in case you were curious) was that it isn’t symmetrical or even. Every other g-spot vibrator I own is the same on its right and left sides. Rave is lopsided, not in any sort of even circle or oval; more like a curvy elliptical (see below). I was initially really worried that this was going to feel less-than-ideal or even downright painful, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Rave hooked behind my pubic bone to effortlessly massage my g-spot.

While it may bug you if you’re something of a perfectionist, I actually found that this shape worked BETTER than more stereotypical, perfectly round or cylindrical g-spot toys. Who knew?

Is it the biggest and strongest?, No, but here’s what it is:

So, as mentioned earlier, I own A LOT of sex toys. THis means that I own lots of super-strong and super large toys. The We-Vibe rave is certainly not super large and it isn’t the absolute strongest toy. The We-Vibe Rave IS, however, a really good all-around vibrator. It has lots of different settings for the gentlest purr of vibration up to a top setting that is pretty strong and maintains the rumbly goodness We-Vibe motors come packed full of (rumbly vibrations offer deeper penetrating stimulation which often makes them feel better). The patterns are decent but still don’t garner any use time from me.

The silicone exterior is smooth but very firm (no yielding or bending with pressure) to hold the curved shape of the Rave during insertion; this may mean that the Rave isn’t the best internal vibe for anyone really sensitive though it did not bother me personally. The controls are simple with a power button and + and - buttons to move through the settings. Nice addition: the controls are raised from the body of the vibrator so they’re easy to feel even if you can’t see them but this also means they collect dirt and gunk.

The Rave is wonderful clitorally or vaginally. The deep, rumbly vibrations lead to pleasant and dependable orgasms regardless of if/what else they are being used with. I have plenty of toys that, while they work both clitorally and internally, are much better one way. The We-Vibe Rave isn;t just fine, but actively great either way. Score!

Socially-Distanced Sex?

All We-Vibe toys are compatible with We-Vibe’s app which you can use to control toys remotely, make your own vibration patterns, control toys from afar, and a few more features that always seem to slip my mind, leading me to think they’re less useful and more impressive gimmicks. Honestly, I have had issues using the We-Connect app and prefer to just do things the old fashioned way. I do not have a long distance partner (or partner at all if I’m honest haha) to control any of my toys. Oh well. I have no doubt it’s fun if distanced use of toys is something appealing to you, though it may not be as reliable as one might hope.

Bottom Line:

While the We-Vibe Rave is pricier than some other g-spot vibrators, the superior quality motor makes it an amazing multitasker and a vibrator I pick over almost anything else, which, in my opinion, warrants the extra price. Click here to check it out at The Vibed and don’t forget to use code QUEER15 to save 15% site-wide.

The We-Vibe Rave was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to theWork With Me page to get in touch.

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