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Tantus Raptor & Champion Super-Soft Review

two phallic dildos on a white sheets, surrounded by candy corn and two decorative glittery pumpkins
Tantus Champion Super-Soft (left) & Raptor (right)

Happy belated Halloween everyone and nice to see you again! Oh how I've missed you all during my brief mental-health break! I imagine many of you are saddened by our collective inability have to celebrate Spooky Season as we should (I know I was rather glum). Nonetheless, the wonderful folks at Tantus have embraced the spooky counter-culture of Halloween: while their Vamp dildo might scream Halloween (maybe that'll be my Halloween review next year), I personally find the sheer size and realism of the Champion and Raptor (and admittedly their combined color scheme) plenty spooky for the time being. So without further babble, let’s get into some spooky reviews!

Tantus Raptor Dildo

Tantus describes the Raptor as “an intelligently designed dildo made for serious fun in a harness,” and I agree with that. The firm silicone makes the Raptor extremely stable for vigorous harness play and, when combined with the sheer size of this realistic dildo, it’s very impactful: this is not a dildo for folx new to penetration!


  • 1.9 inch max diameter (at the head) 

  • 5 inches insertable length 

  • 8 inches total length 

  • Tantus original silicone formula: very hard, little bend with pressure 

  • Semi-matte finish: glides easily with lube

  • Balls and easily harnessable base

  • $73 but frequently on sale or included in discounts

  • Realistic appearance: looks like a somewhat lifelike--albeit large--dick.


The base isn’t a suction cup but is relatively stable if you're someone who likes to sit down onto their penetrative toys. The head’s coronal ridge provides nice stimulation: any more protrusion in this firm of a silicone would be too much for my own tastes so I really appreciate that it isn't too dramatic.

The shaft of the Raptor is straight yet slanted without tons of detailing. This feels like a solid choice in this silicone density as I really cannot imagine enjoying much texture in something this firm. The head works for some gentle G-spot stimulation but the lack of curve means that you're really relying on pressure via size and firmness for the majority of sensation. This can be great sometimes and I really like the Raptor for an overall stretch but it's never my go-to dildo for G-spotting.

Now, my qualm with this dildo is the balls. I get that some folx may love realism and that the balls for sure help with that, but their placement takes away so much insertable length! I love dildos for A-spotting and G-spotting alike but the firm, straight shaft of the Raptor combined with the 5 inches of insertable length means that it doesn't really reach either spot too well with my anatomy.

Without the balls, the Raptor would have nearly 8 inches of insertable length which would make it great for cervix stimulation. That being said, this is all my personal preference. Many people would find that amount of insertable length too much and likely appreciate the penetration buffer provided by the Raptor’s generous balls; this one comes down to your own wants and needs folk so think about whether you want extra insertable length or realism.

Ideal Uses

The Raptor is ideal for folx who like bigger than average sizes, realism, firm silicone, and harness-friendly bases. The Raptor is definitely intense sensation-wise so maybe steer clear of this dildo if you’re a really sensitive user. That being said, it’s a brilliantly made, intense toy that often sells for less than $50 since Tantus has frequent sales! Score! And the cute neon orange of my Raptor is a welcome change from the sea of purple and pink sex toys.


Champion Super Soft 

The Tantus Champion is a monstrous creation: this thing is like an enormous dick staring you straight on, saying, "what're you going to do, ride me??" To which I gleefully said yes. Read on for the stats of this big hunk (of silicone).

black dildo in hand on white sheet with candy corn and decorative glittery pumpkins
Tantus Champion Super-Soft


  • 1.75 inch diameter at the head

  • 2 inch max diameter at bottom of shaft

  • 7 inches insertable length 

  • Tantus Super-Soft silicone (squishy but not the softest I’ve ever felt)

  • Matte finish 

  • Balls and sturdy base (no suction cup)

  • $79 but frequently on sale or included in discounts

  • Realistic appearance: looks like a very lifelike--albeit large--dick.


The Champion Super-Soft is a large and very realistic toy. The head of this dildo isn't overly pronounced but the bunches of foreskin below the coronal ridge provides some nice sensation without feeling overwhelming, thanks to the soft silicone of the Champion: keep in mind that vag gunk, lube, etc REALLY like to stick in these bunches foreskin if you get annoyed cleaning your dildos.

The shaft of this toy is a matte silicone that needs lots of lube to glide and never gets overly slippery: sort of like human skin honestly! The veins on the shaft are nice aesthetically but don't provide much sensation during use for me. The base of this toy is nice and solid given the attaches balls: it weighs down the toy nicely for it to stand on it’s own and really gives users something to grip onto for vigorous thrusting (and does so without taking away too much usable length). 

The firmness of this silicone is what I would put at about or 5a shore: softer than a real, erect penis; admittedly, a penis this large might never get super hard as it would take a heck of a lot of blood to fill it. I don't really have any gripes with the Champion, other than that base that might not fit in all harnesses well. If you want the MOST lifelike penis feeling, go for a dual-density dildo or something in an 8-10a Shore silicone: this one is a little squishier which many folx (myself included) actually prefer in large sizes. 

Ideal Uses

Any hard fucking or strong clenching. Period. The soft yet decently stable dildo works well for vigorous thrusting that won't rough up your orefice **if you are warmed up adequately**. Don't pick up this dildo if you don't want to use lube: even as someone who can usually get away without it, I needed The Butters oil-based lube to give this dildo some slick. This is a really lovely dildo, especially given that it regularly goes on sale for under $50.


The Tantus Raptor and Champion Super-Soft Dildos were sent to me by the wonderful people at Tantus in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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