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Pris Toys Round-Up & Review

Pris Toys as a Brand:

In a world where I thought every sex toy niche had been filled, Pris Toys came along back in 2020, with their first collection of body safe, beautiful, semi realistic/fantasy dildos with prices that rivaled other top quality silicone dildos. I was delighted when offered the opportunity to try some prototypes and have received more of their second round of toys since, in 2021. Every toy I have tried from Pris is functional, beautiful, and thoughtfully constructed out of body safe and non-porous silicone, with almost every model available in dual density.

Where I've Been...

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's been so long: it has been quite a hectic period and I simply found myself lacking the actual hours in the day in which to research products, work on reviews, and create content. Things have calmed down a bit now, and I am fining myself yearning to write again so I have a real treat in store today.

More Reasons I Adore Pris Toys Include...

  • Just reliably great toys

  • Sexy, squishy, meaty silicone

  • Affordable

  • Ethics I stand by: donates proceeds to charity every month

  • Good range of shapes for any insertable enthusiast

All of Pris Toys' insertables are made of platinum cured silicone and feature harness-friendly bases. The collection of toys range from beginner friendly to expert in size (check out the Sentinel to see what I mean!) and come in a range of designs that include semi realistic, abstract, and fantasy shapes. The silicone Pris uses for their toys (specifically, the outer layer of their dual density toys)is extremely soft and squishy, the kind of silicone that get's super slick with a little lube (natural or store-bought).

None of Pris Toys' models are particularly textured so they are great choices for folks who may be interested in fantasy toys but find a lot of more traditional models--which are also great, just not for everyone--to be overly-stimulating in terms of texture. I don't think they make any toys I wouldn't recommend so long as you read and re-read all product measurements: they have some seriously huge toys that are not for everyone! Without more banter, let's get into individual model breakdowns.

**note: prices as of 6/07/21 during a sale, subject to change.**

Comet Dual Density ($115):The Long Generalist

Overview:The Comet is a long, semi-realistic and lightly phallic dildo. It features a slightly pronounced coronal ridge and smooth shaft.


7 inches insertable length

8 inches total length

1.8 inches max. diameter

1.5 inches min. diameter

Ideal Uses:

A-spot stimulation, p-spot stimulation, g-spot stimulation, prostate stimulation , or just general penetration.

Basilisk Dual Density ($88): The Subtle But Massive G-Spotter

Overview:The Basilisk is a girth, fantasy dildo with a coronal ridge for broad g-spot stimulation. The shaft is short, thick, and mostly straight.


6 inches insertable length

7 inches total length

2.3 inches max. diameter

1.75 inches min. diameter

Ideal Uses:

G-spot stimulation, stretching, size training, girthy penetration.

Solaris Dual Density ($72): The Warm-Up

Overview:The Solaris is a close to statistically average penis sized dildo with a semi realistic shape. The shaft is curved to pair with the hooked head for g-spot or p-spot play.


6 inches insertable length

6.5 inches total length

1.6 inches shaft diameter with narrow head

Ideal Uses:

Warm up, gentler g-spot stimulation, strap-on play, statistically average sized penetration.

Voyager Dual Density: Anal Delight & A-Spot Exploration ($96)

Overview: The Voyager is a long, ripped, girth dildo with a mostly straight shaft. The extra length makes this dildo perfect for depth play or anything fantasy.


8 inches insertable length

9 inches total length

2 inches max. diameter

1.5 inches min. diameter

Ideal Uses:

Anal depth play, strap-on sex, anterior fornix or posterior fornix stimulation.

Nova Dual Density: Strong G-Spotter & My Favorite ($90)


The Nova is a mushroom headed g-spot dildo with a thick, curved shaft.


5.5 inches insertable length

6 inches total length

2 inches max. diameter

1.4 inches min. diameter

Ideal Uses:

G-spot stimulation, prostate stimulation.

How To Pick A Model in a Couple Easy Steps:

Price: Everyone has a budget so figure out yours and stick to it. While luxury sex toys can be an amazing purchase, they are not essential for a good time and are often not the great fit we may want them to be.

Size: Think about past penetration experience (if you've had any). What sizes have been pleasurable to you? I always recommend starting smaller with lots of lube and foreplay regardless of toy choice but just don't let the beauty of a really large toy distract you from how unusable it may be for you.

Design: Do you want a long dildo for depth play or additional positioning room during harness play? Do you want human realism or maybe a fantasy look? Do you want a shape meant to stimulate a specific erogenous zone?

Bottom Line:

At the end of the day, I really don't see any dildo from Pris Toys doing you dirty. Pick a shape that works for your body and preferences and pair it with a great. Pris Toys dildos are available from their site or at sex toy retailers She Vibe, and Early2Bed

The Pris Toys models featured here were sent to me by the wonderful people at Pris Toys in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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