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My Favorite Sexccessories ft. The Layer, Ohnut, Sliquid, & The Butters!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Sexccessories: a term I made up to encompass my favorite non-toy items for solo and partnered sex. Sexccessories are things that make life easier and more pleasurable, and as someone who masturbates professionally, I use them just about every day. These things may not necessarily be as flashy and fun as the toys I often review but they get used FAR MORE in my day to day life. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce you to my favorite sexccessories with some mini reviews.

The Layer

You know how when you’re masturbating or engaging in partnered sex and fluids, from sweat to genital juices to period blood, get everywhere and suddenly, the sheets you just washed are dirty? Yeah, I f*cking hate it too. I normally lay down some old towels to absorb any liquids or mess but they’re scratchy and get in the way and hell, sometimes they still don’t protect the surface I’m on. This, my friends, is where The Layer comes in. The Layer is a basically the adult, sexy verdion of a puppy training pad. It’s super absorbent, soft, and it's discreet enough that I normally just leave it on my bed and no one assumes it’s anything other than a decoration.

The Layer is a an eco-friendly throw that’s super absorbent and protects your bed, couch, floor, et. all from the messes of pleasure. Personally, I am not a squirter. I really wish I was since it looks like a damn fun time but thus far, I have been unable to squirt so I cannot personally speak to that usage of this product. But, I am a messy college student who eats in bed and one morning, I was sitting on The Layer and spilled a cup of coffee on it. Of course, I started cursing up and down, mad that my blankets and sheets were going to be ruined along with the notebook I had underneath The Layer, but when I picked it up, everything was dry and clean. Like, completely spotless. Enough said. 

I have not had the opportunity to try out any other sex throws but that’s because they’re expensive and, as I mentioned, I'm a college kid. Liberator--a prominent sex furniture brand--makes a throw but its north of a hundred dollars in price, and I honestly just cannot bring myself to spend that sort of money on a glorified blanket. The Layer is $60, which feels very doable by comparison and is a much more accessible price point for a lot of people.

It’s also really portable! I do not live with my significant other and subsequently end up hauling a bag of toys and lubes and ropes with me every time I go to her apartment (since almost all of my toys live with me). The Layer fits easily into an overnight bag, unlike full sized towels or blankets. And when it gets covered in fluids, you just throw it in a load of laundry! It’s not so big as to mess up a washing machine or take up much space in a load of laundry.

The Layer is slightly grippy on the side that goes on a bed, such that it stays in place better than towels and blankets in my experience. My only issue with The Layer is that little black fuzzies from the absorbent side can cling to toys but given that silicone attracts hair and fluff like nobody’s business, that’s hardly The Layer’s fault. At the end of the day, I think The Layer absolutely blows away towels and blankets in every way and the price is really doable: I cannot recommend it enough.


Ohnut is unlike anything else I’ve seen out on the market, and that’s as a sex toy reviewer! Ohnut is a penetration buffer meant to keep something (a dildo, penis, fingers, etc.) from penetrating an orefice deeper than desired while also being comfortable and stimulating for the wearer (if the wearer is a person). It comes as a set of four squishy and soft rings so you can choose how much of a buffer works for you and oh yeah, it’s BPA and phthalate free!

THIS IS GENIUS. Whether you just prefer shallower penetration, have endometriosis, are recovering from childbirth, or anything else, Ohnut is meant to make penetration more comfortable, and subsequently more pleasurable. Simple as that. I currently do not have sex with penises, but I have tried Ohnut as a buffer on longer dildos to prevent them from stabbing at my cervix and it’s worked excellently. 

Ohnut is compatible with (and needs to be used with) water and silicone based lubes (though you shouldn’t use silicone lube with silicone toys so keep that in mind if you’re throwing Ohnut on a silicone dildo). The Ohnut website says that it should not be shared between different sexual partners and Ohnut cannot be boiled or washed in the dishwasher. Overall, Ohnut is an excellent innovation in the field of pleasure AND pelvic floor needs.


Lube is an essential part of solo and partner sex. Personally, I enjoy challenging myself and trying larger toys as I derive pleasure from them and this is NOT, allow me to repeat, NOT something to try without ample amounts of good lube. Penetration regardless isn’t something I’d suggest doing without ample lube. Even external play such as stimulation of the clitoris can be greatly improved with lube. My issues with a lot of lubes is that I have fairly sensitive genitalia, and get yeast infections easily so I can’t comfortably use lubes with any flavors, scents, or chemicals. The best lubes I’ve tried in terms of being non-irritating and also just working well as a lubricant are:

  1. Sliquid Sassy Lube

  2. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lube

  3. Ride Bodyworx Hybrid Lube

  4. The Butters Original Aloe & Shea Lube

Good Clean Love, Bodyworx, The Butters, Sliquid

They’re all gentle and work well for providing good lubrication. The first two listed are water-based lubes and are, subsequently compatible with all toys and protections methods (like condoms and dental dams). The third lube is hybrid lube, meaning that it’s part silicone and part water. This makes it compatible with all toys and protection methods (though there is a very slight chance of it fusing with silicone toys but this is really unlikely). The part silicone of this lube makes it more slick and long-lasting than a water-based lube which is great for anal play, big toys, or just some extra slide.The fourth lube listed is an oil-based lube which means its really nice and slick while being moistuirizing for the skin and hair if applicable. It's compatible with all body-safe toys but not with latex protection methods. It never really dries out or gets sticky, though I will note that oil-based lubes can mess up vaginal biome for some folx: The Butters hasn't done this to me personally. If you want a more in-depth look at lubes, don't fret! I have one in the works!

Overall, these are the things I feel *actually* make solo and partnered sex more comfortable and fun without being gimmicky or overpriced.

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