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Magic Wand Rechargeable Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


In the 1970s, Hitachi released the original Magic Wand: a powerful, plug in body massager that gained instant popularity for it’s more salacious uses. Decades later, Vibratex has taken over the Magic Wand game and released new products with body safe materials (and in this case, rechargeable bodies). The Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable are, IMO, a great alternative vibrator to the original which had a textured vinyl head. I have had a lot of fun testing my MWR but is it the right toy for your needs? Keep reading to find out.

Good Vibes!

The Magic Wand Rechargeable (MWR) is a strong, reliable vibrator that’s ideal for broad stimulation, though it’s more expensive than its sibling the Magic Wand Plus. MWR retails for about $130 depending on your retailer of choice and is just over a foot long, 2 inches wide, and weighs quite a bit more than most vibrators (something to keep in mind if you have difficulty holding things for extended periods of time); for reference, both my partner and I get tired wrists from holding the MWR for long amounts of time and neither of us have any wrist, hand, or arm problems.. This is not a small or compact vibrator by any stretch but it often flies under the radar given that it’s marketed as a back massager rather than a sex toy. 

The MWR has an ABS plastic body and silicone head, with one button for power, one for intensity level, and one for patterns. The MWR has a feature that I particularly love and have not seen with other vibrators: plug and play. Simply put, if you are using the MWR and it runs out of battery, you can plug in the wand to start charging and continue to use it. This solves the ever-annoying issue of vibrators dying RIGHT before orgasm and also means that you never have to worry about picking up a dead vibrator.

The MWR is strong: by far the strongest toy I own and the loudest too. Its vibrations are nice and rumbly, especially at the lower two intensity levels, and many folx may never even use the highest intensity levels. Being a less sensitive person and power lover, I actually use the third and fourth intensity levels the most and they are truly *chef’s kiss* delicious. Although I have heard that the plug in version or this wand (MWP) is a touch stronger, I can;t really imagine needing any more power. 

The four intensity levels are a nice range from medium to jet engine for the downstairs and the four patterns are solid. I am not one to use patterns, but I appreciate that the MWR has four that are all quite different and accessible through a separate button from the intensity levels, allowing me to avoid the ever-dreaded switch up right before orgasm. The battery on this vibe is also impressive: it lasts for over two hours in my testing. This is great if you are someone who has longer solo or partnered sessions.

My only complaint about this vibe is that it is in no way waterproof or splash proof. This never keeps me from using it, but I’d love to take this toy into the shower or at least be able to wash it. Due to fear of water damage, I clean the silicone head with a damp towel or rubbing alcohol but can't clean the body or neck of the toy.

Bottom Line 

Overall, the MWR is a great vibrator that can work for a lot of bodies and uses. It’s pricey, a touch heavy, and loud, but I still reach for this toy more often than anything else in my collection because it’s so damn strong and orgasmic. If you’d like to buy the MWR, click here. To purchase it’s much cheaper sibling, the Magic Wand Plus, click here.

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