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Icicles No. 2 Glass Wand Massager Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


The Icicles No. 2 Glass Wand Massager was actually my first dildo, sent to me by two very loving friends as a birthday present. It has served me well since then and has proved to be a versatile and functional toy. Read on to see if the Icicles No. 2 would be a good purchase for you. 

A Statement On The Brand

The Icicles No. 2 Glass Wand I have was purchased from Nox Shop and is part of the Icicles line of affordable (under $40) glass sex toys made by Pipedream: a large adult product manufacturer. Now, the ethics of the overarching company here--Pipedream--have come into question several times in recent years due to Pipedream’s use of unsafe materials in addition to their sexist, racist, transphobic, and fatphobic products and marketing. Whether or not you wish to purchase products produced by the corporation is your decision to make.  I still wanted to do this review since 1) I got this product when I was very new to sex toys and did not know about the ethics of the company (and I think many people who are not sex toy reviewers may still not know) and 2) because affordability and accessibility are important in the vast realm of sex toys (especially for ones that are body-safe and not gendered or representation in appearance). Companies like LELO and Womanizer totally miss the mark here as their products are prohibitively expensive (for me at least) and their marketing is usually gendered. In my opinion, it’s a complicated issue on an individual basis (though I would really like to see all sex toy companies admit wrongdoings and create measurable plans and apologies to rectify harm and create ethical products in the future). You can read more about Pipedream as a company here and here

Now for the toy review.

Ice, Ice Baby

The Icicles No. 2 Glass Wand Massager is a smooth, glass dildo formed of balls--or bubbles if you will--that increase in size. The toy is 8.5 inches long with a 0.8 to 1.4 inch diameter with a bit of weight to it, although it has never felt particularly heavy to me during use and it is not weighted the way something like the nJoy Pure Wand. Either end can be used internally, making this toy a good option for a variety of size preferences. The No. 2 Is long, making it easy to hold during solo or partnered use or suitable for folx who like a more dramatic length.

The Icicles No. 2 is made from broscilate glass (similar to Pyrex) which is an awesome, body safe, sex toy material that’s hard but very smooth and with a little lube, glides really nicely. I found the bubbled style of this toy really enjoyable during use: the bubbles provided intense stimulation without roughing up my vagina in the way that some texture can. The firm large ball on one end of the toy is great for g-spot stimulation in my body  (though it might work better if the wand was curved). The firm pressure I can get with this wand is a welcome change when compared to softer silicone dildos as it’s easier to find and stimulate the g-spot which is extremely orgasmic for me when combined with clitoral stimulation. 

This toy is also excellent to just clench around for some nice firm pressure. It pops into place with the biggest bulb right above my g-spot and can act as a really nice vaginal plug of sorts. That said, it’s not really what this toy is meant for and it does slip out sometimes, especially when it’s really lubed up. The glass material is, as mentioned previously, very smooth and hard which I enjoy and is a nice alternative to stainless steel products if they are a bit out of your price range as they currently are for me. It;’s also excellent for retaining heat or cold if you have an interest in playing with temperature, and I generally sit on this wand for a bit before using it to avoid the accidental shock of sticking a literal fucking icicle into my pussy.

This toy is not harness compatible nor is it anal safe (since it doesn’t have a base) yet, I still find it one of my most used toys with my partner and in my recreational masturbation sessions. She loves how easy the toy is to hold with its excess length and how the unyielding glass can apply firm pressure to my g-spot when her fingers get tired. Also, this toy is BEAUTIFUL! Just plain hot to use, and I often leave it out in my living space as decoration. 

Bottom Line

This toy is great for firm pressure and gentle texture without being phallic, expensive, or really dramatic in size. I think it’s a great toy for those who want something comfortable for solo or partnered use and don’t want to spend a ton of money. If you’d like to buy the Icicles No. 2 Glass Wand Massager, click here

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