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How To Buy Good Sex Toys When You're Broke

Updated: Sep 14, 2020


When I first got into sex toys, I was a freshman in college with next to no money to spend on things beyond the essentials. Though I’ve since dove into the world of sex toys head-first, I still don’t have a ton of money (I get sent a majority of toys I review nowadays by companies) and some experience looking for deals. I was looking on the web the other day for a nice, girthy a-spot dildo (sound delicious to anyone else?) since this isn’t typically something I get for review and was dismayed to find out that the ones I was interested in were in the $90 and up price range. Ouch! This discovery got me thinking that the sex blogging industry seems to have a gap in material when it comes to how to save money on well-made, body-safe sex toys: one that, perhaps, I had a little bit of knowledge to help fix. If you're new to sex toys or body-safe materials, check out these posts first.

Disclaimer: I am not trying to make statements about anyone’s financial position or whether or not sex toys are a good allocation of funds, nor am I trying to say bad things about folx who may own toys made of porous materials or folx who don’t own toys. Just wanted to let y’all know the ways I have saved money on body-safe sex toys in my own life.


I wanted to start with this one since it may seem the most obvious and that way, those of you who aren’t interested can scroll on down to the rest of the post. That being said, sex toy manufacturers and retailers often have BIG sales, coinciding with typical sale times (think holidays, Cyber Monday, etc.), but beyond that, companies like Tantus have sales monthly where a large portion of their inventory goes for 25-50% off! Discounts are worth looking into at any store, especially if you have your eye on a really popular toy that isn’t likely to go on sale since toys like the Magic Wand Rechargeable and njoy Pure Wand go on sale for Cyber Monday! If you want to stay up-to-date on a company’s sales, subscribe to their emails or newsletter and you’ll get updates on when they’re having discounts so you can keep any eye out for good deals (Tantus currently has an Anal August sale going on)!

Tantus Grab Bag:

Another one from Tantus, though other companies have similar sales that I’ll touch on momentarily, is Grab Bag toys. Grab Bag toys are, simply put, popular Tantus toys like the Vamp, Acute, or They/Them made out of leftover silicone, so you get to pick out the toy, just like you would normally, but Tantus send it to you in a random color and silicone firmess at a discounted price. If you know that you have strong preferences for firm vs. soft toys, or need a toy to be really beautiful for it to get any use, this may not be for you. But for a majority of folx, the Grab Bags are a great option. You can even purchase them during a big Tantus sale for an additional 50% off and get a really great dildo (or two or three. No judgment here) for less than half of what they would normally cost. Check them out here.

Company Flops from Uberrime, NYTC, Pleasure Forge, etc:

Similar to the Tantus Grab Bag toys, many manufacturers like those listed above will sell toys with small issues (cosmetic imperfections, air bubbles, or silicone firmness variances) at deeply discounted prices every month or so. I recently bought a Flop toy from Uberrime and it’s lovely! I highly recommend checking out these products if you’re okay with something that’s a little different or with some quirks so as to say.

Blogger Codes:

Oftentimes, prominent bloggers and toy critics have promotional codes at different stores that will get you anywhere from 5-20% off an order (Hoping I will have one someday! For now, use my affiliate links to support my writing). These codes also help bloggers earn money so go ahead, save some money and support us! Folx like Hey Epiphora, Super Smash Cache, and Phallophile Reviews all have discount codes. 

Google Shopping Function: 

I hadn’t thought much about pricing differences from one retailer to another until recently when I was affectionately looking at buy a Godemiche Adam in Confused Rainbow and happened to find it on the rodeoH website for way less than on the Godemiche Etsy page. Don’t be afraid to search for a specific toy on Google Shopping and compare prices from different stores if you have a specific item you want to purchase. Obviously this isn’t as effective if you’re just looking at categories of toy but some affordable AND high-quality brands are:

**all of these brands make toys out of porous and unsafe materials. To avoid those, shop through Peepshow Toys which only stocks body-safe toys.**

Don’t Buy Things You Don’t Actually Want:

This may sound obvious but hear me out: society often places pressure on folx to enjoy pleasure that falls within what is considered acceptable for them based on ideals of presentation and gender identity.

This is total bull shit!

I am all for exploring new things but please, especially if money is tight, don’t buy something because you feel like you have to. If you know you hate penetration, don’t force yourself to purchase insertable toys. If you know you don’t like pinpoint stimulation, don’t buy the luxurious pinpoint vibe every blogger is raving about. Wanting to play and explore is awesome but knowing that something isn’t for you is also awesome and there is no hierarchy of pleasure: your pleasure, whatever it may come from, is no less valid than someone else's. 

Hope this post was helpful for y’all. 

Much love, 


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