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BMS Pillow Talk Sassy Review courtesy of The Vibed

Despite its approachable price point, the BMS Pillow Talk Sassy is one of the most talked about G-spot vibrators in the world or sex blogging. It’s known for it’s intuitive shape, easy controls, and rumbly strong vibrations. When The Vibed gave me a chance to try out and review this vibe, I jumped at the chance. Let’s dive in and see if the Sassy really lives up to the hype. 


  • 1.4 inches max diameter 

  • 5 inches insertable length 

  • 7.5 inches total length 

  • Lightweight with easy to maneuver handle

  • Slightly flexible form

  • One button for power/speed (I’ll explain this one below)

  • Splashproof and rechargeable 

  • Curved shape to stimulate G-spot

  • Zero patterns, good speed range

  • Under $30 at The Vibed (using code QUEER15 for 15% off site-wide)

Okay so for folx who like patterns: this is not the vibrator for you since it has no patterns. But for everyone else, it is by far the best multi-functional vibrator at it’s price point. 

The intensity of vibrations is controlled by a single button at the bottom of the toy. One short press will turn the vibe on or off while a sustained press will up the speed; just release when it’s as strong as you want. As someone who hates vibration patterns and loves having easy speed controls, this system is perfect and makes me question why other vibrators even need multiple controls or patterns at all. I will say that the button placement may be annoying in terms of accidentally pressing it during use but i havent had any issues. 


The vibrations in this toy are great: very rumbly, quiet, and they get pretty darn strong! I did a sound test with my roommate, and they were unable to hear the highest speed through my door with no background noise! Success for my folx who enjoy discretion! Since you have full choice of what intensity you want, it's easy to increase the speed to your preferences. The low end of the Sassy is very rumbly and gentle and the high end of the Sassy is decently strong (not Magic Wand types of power but as good as I’ve seen in a smaller vibrator).


The Sassy is cute if not a bit kitschy. The jewel-like button (for power controls) isn’t really my style, but I enjoy the pastel aqua color that sets Sassy apart from my mountains of pink vibrators. There's a groove on the silicone body of the Sassy that I would get rid of if it were an option: lube and vaginal fluids get stuck in it and it serves no functional purpose. That being said, I also rarely notice it in use so don't get too hung up on this minor design flaw.

The shape of the Sassy is excellent. It is easily my favorite vibrator to target my G-spot. The curve in the neck of Sassy is the perfect angle to tuck behind my pubic bone and massage my g-spot with scooping motions (yes, like scooping ice cream) or little bumps or even just to leave it be if that’s what I feel like: many days, the vibrations are strong enough to get me off without much movement (when paired with clitoral stimulation).

The Sassy also works quite well clitorally. It hits the middle ground between broad and pinpoint stimulation, with fairly strong, rumbly vibrations. Though I am currently single and haven't tried the Sassy with a partner, I imagine it would work well during any kind of sex since it's slimmer in form and has a decent handle with which to angle the motor onto the clit, nipples, G-spot, etc.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the BMS Factory Pillowtalk Sassy is a well, made, high quality, and super affordable g-spot and clitoral vibrator I’d reccomend it to just about anyone at it’s given price point. To buy the Sassy, click here and use code QUEER15 for 15% off.

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot Vibrator was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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