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Blush Luxe Explore Butt Plug Review

Updated: Sep 29, 2020


Blush Novelties makes several lines of silicone butt plugs ranging from modest sizes to bigger plugs or even plugs with features like vibration or rattling/ weighted balls. They’re all pretty affordable with the simplest, smallest ones at $10-$15, and their fancier siblings coming in at $20-$30. The silicone is similar to that of a lot of mass-produced sex toys in that it’s very hard with little to no squish but will bend if thin enough (see below); the silicone Blush uses in their Avant Pride line feels a bit different in my experience as it is softer and a little less firm. Overall, they’re solid butt plugs, especially if you’re on a budget. You can check out more of their plugs here.

Luxe Explore The luxe explore plug is interesting, to make a general and unhelpful statement. In all seriousness, this was my first plug and though I enjoy it now, I would not recommend it as a first plug to others. The silicone is, as stated above, hard with really no give to it albeit very silky and smooth with no sort of stickiness to it that silicone (especially softer silicone) can sometimes have.

The shape of this plug is frankly sort of bizarre, and I have struggled to think of who this plug is for; the first of the two beads (or bulbs if you will) is small (just a bit under an inch in diameter), making it very beginner friendly. This bulb tapers out into a bizarrely thin neck before extending into another bulb that’s quite spherical and just over 1.3 inches in diameter which I would consider an intermediate size. The roundness of this bulb makes it feel a little larger than my other plugs with the same max diameter (and even one a bit larger). The second neck below the larger bulb is on the shorter side which allows for the sphincter muscles to remain slightly active and stretched even once the plug is inserted. 

My issue with this plug is the first neck--or area of the plug between the two bulbs--because it is just weird. It’s narrow like the spaces in anal beads but in a plug which means that the neck awkwardly bends in half during insertion. As someone who is comfortable using larger plugs, I have to grasp this one higher up than normal to insert it successfully due to the bendy neck (picture below). 

The base of this plug is relatively comfortable though quite long as it extends to cover part of my vaginal opening. While this does not pose a problem for me, if you intend to wear this plug during any sort of vaginal penetration, perhaps consider something with a circular or loop type of base. 

This plug does feel nice and filling and is nice to clench around during other activities. Personally, I wish the space between the two bulbs were thicker as it seems unnecessarily thin and makes the thick, hard bulb below it hard to insert.

Bottom Line

Overall, the blush luxe explore is a good option if you want something affordable in a shape different than the traditional tapered plug shape. You can purchase it here if you’re interested.

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