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20 Questions With A Sex Blogger

  1. Favorite Toy?

  2. Luzarte Jollet. 

  3. Most Used Toy?

  4. Magic Wand Rechargeable.

  5. Favorite Toy Category? 

  6. A-spot anything and strong external vibes.

  7. Most Hated Toy/Favorite Toy to Hate?

  8. Blush Novelties Neo Elite. It’s a great dildo objectively, but the appearance freaks me out. I stick it on doors in my apartment to scare my roommate since it looks like a decapitated smurf d!ck.

  9. Favorite Brand? 

  10. Uberrime. Everything Marco makes is amazing and satisfying. Also Blush Novelties for their affordable range of products. The Real Nude line of dildos are some of my faves.

  11. Why Did You Become A Sex Blogger ?

  12. I struggled to find a vibrator that was actually pleasurable for me until I found reviews after experiencing some SSRI side-effects. I then realized that getting into reviewing could be fun for me and helpful for others and things just sort of took off from there.

  13. Most Recommended Toy? 

  14. Blush Novelties Avant P3 dildo. It’s the perfect introduction to penetration.

  15. Most Asked Question? 

  16. “Will you peg me?” No, I will not. Please stop @ men in my social media DMs!

  17. Biggest Downside to the Job?

  18. See above. 

  19. Desert Island Toy? 

  20. Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine Vibrator. Works for external stimulation and hitting my A-spot, the two things I couldn't go without.

  21. Prettiest Toy? 

  22. Split Peaches Rainbow Unicorn Horn. It's simply stunning.

  23. Other Sex Bloggers You Like? 

  24. Hey Epiphora, Phallophile Reviews, Super Smash Cache, and Betty Butch among others. Click here for a full list.

  25. Favorite Social Media Platform? 

  26. Instagram!

  27. Favorite Photo You’ve Taken?

  28. Sun sun sun, here it cums!

  29. Something You Want to Try?

  30. Vaginal plugs and sensation play.

  31. Advice to Your Younger Self 

  32. Everyone else is weird too. Your pleasure matters. You’re so gay.

  33. I want folx to know…

  34. That I don’t have a perfect sex life! Just because I get to try out lots of toys and educate folx on pleasure doesn’t mean my sex life is always what I want it to be. I have lapses in communication, a waxing and waning sex drive, and incompatible interests with others.

  35. NEVER ask me…

  36. Something personal and demand an answer. I get a lot of questions about my own likes and interests and while I'm often happy to answer them, it's rude to demand an answer.

  37. My favorite part is…

  38. Getting to interact with amazing people daily and help people find their pleasure. Never gets old.

  39. Something random about me...

  40. I have 10 tattoos and plans for many more!

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I'm A. (she/they), a clueless queer and blogger. I started this blog because I grew up in a small town where sex--especially queer sex--wasn't talked about. I was a determined youngster and managed to scrape the bottom of the internet barrel to find the information I needed (and later, the information I wanted). Now that I've learned a bit about queer pleasure in all of its forms, I wanted to create the resource I wish I'd had; a place where I could read about someone else's experiences and learn about sex from a pleasure-centered perspective. If you have a question about something or want me to cover a certain topic, just shoot me an email! Chances are, I've been there and would love to help or at least offer some moral support, and who knows, maybe others could benefit from a post about it. 


Stay safe, be gay, and abolish the police, 





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