My Preferences 

**As they relate to product reviews and guides**

Every body is different, in terms of preference, anatomy, and reaction to stimulation. There is no one, universal way to bring pleasure to every human, and I urge you to read any article titled along the lines of “the vibrator every woman should own” or “how to drive any man crazy,” et all with a bit of skepticism because simply put, people just don’t work like that. Beyond just personal preferences, everyone’s own anatomy varies regardless of sex or gender expression. As someone who reviews sex toys and writes informational posts (with the occasional fun story), I have come to know my own anatomy fairly well and have learned what works for me and what does not, though admittedly, this is always changing ad growing as desires are not stagnant or immobile. I thought it might be helpful to those of you who read my product reviews, looking to see if a toy will work for you, to give some insight into my preferences and habits such that you may inform your purchasing choices more. I try to be as objective as possible in reviews as I recognize that a toy can be objectively good or bad, and I may not feel that way about it but the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of toys out there that are body safe and well-made and whether or not they will work for an individual is entirely up to what one likes. I am a cisgendered, assigned female at birth, lesbian and a damn horny one at that so, without further ado, my preferences:


Clitoral Stimulation: 

I need to have my clitoris stimulated in some way to have an orgasm. Period. I’d be interested to see if any sort of internal-only orgasm can happen with my anatomy but currently, they cannot.


Vaginal Penetration:

I enjoy vaginal penetration most of the time from a variety of toys, mostly in abstract shapes or shapes that don't look exactly like penises. Some days I enjoy texture, some days I enjoy smooth finishes, some days I enjoy vigorous movement, and someday I just want something satisfying to clench around. Generally, I prefer toys that have a larger head or end bulb (1.75 inches and up though this may be tiny by others’ standards) to provide more stimulation for my g-spot and/or g-spot. Slimmer, tapered shapes can be nice to warm up but are generally less satisfying to me. I tend to care about girth AND length as I greatly enjoy stimulation of the a-spot and posterior fornix which are deeper in the vaginal canal. Personally, I need about 7 inches of insertable length to really massage my deeper internal erogenous zones, although I do not always choose to do so. In terms of materials, I haven’t really found a specific preference for softer silicones or harder silicones or glass as I enjoy them all at different times with different toys.



I enjoy butt stuff in small to moderate sizes (up to 1.5 inches diameter in soft materials). I tend to prefer smoother texture and lengths less than 5 inches insertable. I haven’t any vibrating or weighted plugs so I cannot comment on that, but I have a feeling I’d like them. I feel I should mention that I am very much a novice when it comes to anal play.

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I'm A. (she/they), a clueless queer and blogger. I started this blog because I grew up in a small town where sex--especially queer sex--wasn't talked about. I was a determined youngster and managed to scrape the bottom of the internet barrel to find the information I needed (and later, the information I wanted). Now that I've learned a bit about queer pleasure in all of its forms, I wanted to create the resource I wish I'd had; a place where I could read about someone else's experiences and learn about sex from a pleasure-centered perspective. If you have a question about something or want me to cover a certain topic, just shoot me an email! Chances are, I've been there and would love to help or at least offer some moral support, and who knows, maybe others could benefit from a post about it. 


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