It was a fairly typical winter Monday when I received this impressive toy in the mail. I had started to open a package from The Vibed when I pulled out this ENORMOUS, neon pink, extremely dick-like dildo. My roomate and I giggled since it felt like something out of an odd Barbie sex fantasy. Nonetheless, the NS Novelties Dual Density 8 inch dildo is a body-safe, realistic, large, AND affordable option: very few of those exist in the world of sex toys. Like really, there are only a couple of others. So, while it may initially beckon questions, this toy is nothing to scoff at. Let’s get into the details.


  • 9.65 inches total length

  • 7.05 inches insertable length

  • 1.89 inches max diameter

  • Suction cup, harnessable base (not the most stable in a harness but that’s due to size)

  • Platinum cured, dual-density silicone

  • $33.96 at the Vibed using code QUEER15 (including free shipping!)

  • Comes in a variety of colors, both skin colors and non-skin colors (I have it in pink)

Bigger is better… Or is it:

So upon requesting this toy for review, I didn’t think too much about its size. I own a sh*t ton of toys that are longer AND thicker and assumed I wouldn’t find the size intimidating. In real life, the addition of balls make the total length of this dildo quite a formidable sight to see and its intense coronal ridge juts out like a royal crown, and rubs my g-spot in a way true royalty would (see picture below). I realized quickly that I was going to need warm up (which I ordinarily don’t require for toys <2 inches in diameter).

NS Novelties' impressive coronal ridge

Not only was the NS Dual Density dildo more imposing than I had assumed, but it is also less malleable than I had thought. For anyone new here, dual density silicone is a firm silicone core surrounded by a squishier outer layer of silicone meant to feel more like a biological penis than single density dildos (and it generally succeeds in this goal though it is normally also higher in price).

The firm core of the NS dual density is not as hard as the core in some other dildos but the outer layer is, in my opinion, a little firmer and more textured, covered in veins and skin detailing that make it more realistic. I find this level of texture combined with the silicones used to be incredible stimulating: this is great when I’m properly warmed up after a vibrator orgasm (or two) but seriously overwhelming when I went in with it cold. I take this to mean that plenty of people sensitive to penetration would find this dildo too much but that others may find it intensely pleasurable. Do with that information what you will and proceed gently and with lube: nothing wrong with preferring small or untextured toys (or skipping penetration altogether).

Whiskey Dick Problems:

The impressive length of this toy when combined with its bendable core means that, if suctioned onto a flat surface or in a harness, it’ll wobble around. Not as stable as stiffer dildos or dildos with firmer cores (like those from Pris Toys that I’m currently testing: highly recommend already). This doesn't mean that it isn't usable and highly enjoyable, just that it may not be ideal for intense fucking or riding (though you may also not find it difficult to control).

Who Is It For?

Overall, NS Novelties has done a really beautiful thing with this dildo. It’s large enough to feel like a treat without being painful, it’s got some sexy and stimulating texture, and it’s priced super reasonably for dual-density silicone. It’s great! The only people I wouldn't recommend this toy to are the following:

  • People who don’t like textured dildos or big dildos

  • People who don’t like dildos that look penises

  • People who want something really stable for vigorous fucking

Otherwise, I think it’s an objectively great toy. And for people who think it sounds great if it weren't so damn big, NS Novelties makes it in smaller sizes :)

Bottom Line:

Overall, NS Novelties has done a great job creating a stimulating and realistic dildo out of safe materials and at a very reasonable price. Check it out here and see other sizes of the toy here.

The NS Novelties Colors Dual-Density Dildo was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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Ever seen something and thought, “well that’s sure as hell not what I was expecting?” That was my exact reaction to the We-Vibe Rave when I got it for review. Nonetheless, I knew other reviewers had raved about it’s motor and curve. So, I decided to set aside my judgements and wait until testing to give We-Vibe for making such a purposefully misshapen toy. Let’s get into the details.


  • 7.6 inches long

  • About 5 inches usable length

  • 1.22 inches maximum diameter

  • 10 Vibration settings

  • Splash proof (but not submergible), silicone exterior

  • We-Vibe app compatibility

  • Up to 2 hours use on a single charge

  • $96.05 at the Vibed using code QUEER15

Well, it’s kinda funky looking...

Okay, so in complete honesty, the first thing I noticed when I first took the Rave out of it’s packaging (really great packaging, suitable for storage in case you were curious) was that it isn’t symmetrical or even. Every other g-spot vibrator I own is the same on its right and left sides. Rave is lopsided, not in any sort of even circle or oval; more like a curvy elliptical (see below). I was initially really worried that this was going to feel less-than-ideal or even downright painful, but I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Rave hooked behind my pubic bone to effortlessly massage my g-spot.

While it may bug you if you’re something of a perfectionist, I actually found that this shape worked BETTER than more stereotypical, perfectly round or cylindrical g-spot toys. Who knew?

Is it the biggest and strongest?, No, but here’s what it is:

So, as mentioned earlier, I own A LOT of sex toys. THis means that I own lots of super-strong and super large toys. The We-Vibe rave is certainly not super large and it isn’t the absolute strongest toy. The We-Vibe Rave IS, however, a really good all-around vibrator. It has lots of different settings for the gentlest purr of vibration up to a top setting that is pretty strong and maintains the rumbly goodness We-Vibe motors come packed full of (rumbly vibrations offer deeper penetrating stimulation which often makes them feel better). The patterns are decent but still don’t garner any use time from me.

The silicone exterior is smooth but very firm (no yielding or bending with pressure) to hold the curved shape of the Rave during insertion; this may mean that the Rave isn’t the best internal vibe for anyone really sensitive though it did not bother me personally. The controls are simple with a power button and + and - buttons to move through the settings. Nice addition: the controls are raised from the body of the vibrator so they’re easy to feel even if you can’t see them but this also means they collect dirt and gunk.

The Rave is wonderful clitorally or vaginally. The deep, rumbly vibrations lead to pleasant and dependable orgasms regardless of if/what else they are being used with. I have plenty of toys that, while they work both clitorally and internally, are much better one way. The We-Vibe Rave isn;t just fine, but actively great either way. Score!

Socially-Distanced Sex?

All We-Vibe toys are compatible with We-Vibe’s app which you can use to control toys remotely, make your own vibration patterns, control toys from afar, and a few more features that always seem to slip my mind, leading me to think they’re less useful and more impressive gimmicks. Honestly, I have had issues using the We-Connect app and prefer to just do things the old fashioned way. I do not have a long distance partner (or partner at all if I’m honest haha) to control any of my toys. Oh well. I have no doubt it’s fun if distanced use of toys is something appealing to you, though it may not be as reliable as one might hope.

Bottom Line:

While the We-Vibe Rave is pricier than some other g-spot vibrators, the superior quality motor makes it an amazing multitasker and a vibrator I pick over almost anything else, which, in my opinion, warrants the extra price. Click here to check it out at The Vibed and don’t forget to use code QUEER15 to save 15% site-wide.

The We-Vibe Rave was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to theWork With Me page to get in touch.

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Updated: Feb 27

If you live in the United States like myself, we are collectively on month eleven of quarantine and honestly, this sh*t is getting old. The off-white monotony of my bedroom walls has begun to feel like a trap of sorts, and I feel nearly everyone’s mental health is far from its best. My apologies for the recent lack of posts and social media activity: I needed to take care of some worsening mental health issues.

But, all this aside, something that I have found quite freeing--when I can indulge--is experimenting with new things in the bedroom. With my work on this blog, I’ve developed quite a collection of pleasure toys, and this likely comes as no surprise to any regular readers. That being said, I actually don’t own much in the way of BDSM toys by comparison. The lovely people over at Lovers have sent me three fun, new things to try out and report on for you guys. Without further ado, let’s hop into the details.

Sportsheets Saffron Cuffs and Collar with Leash:

  • Red and black vegan leather (flexible and feels great on the skin)

  • $30-40 at Lovers online store

  • Great for everyone

  • Adjustable sizing to fit lots of necks, wrists

  • Really great red & black aesthetic

Okay, so I feel the need to start this with a disclaimer: I do not own any other luxury handcuffs and collars to compare the Sportsheets Saffron line to. But, I can say honestly that I can’t think of much that could be improved upon. These restraints are comfortable to wear, vegan-friendly, highly-adjustable, and really aesthetically pleasing. They can be a bit stiff at first but after some wear, they will bend smoothly without any odd corners.

The hardware on both the collar and cuffs are solid: the buckles don’t stick or pinch at my skin in any way. The leash part of the Collar has some weight to it and doesn’t tangle too much. Now, my only issue (and it’s small) is as follows: if your neck and wrists fall on the small side, you are for sure going to have overlap of material. I say this because I have several inches of overlap and am not a super tiny human. This material overlay isn’t harmful at all, just slightly bulkier than is ideal. You can see this below as demonstrated on my wrist.

The collar has this same situation on me, but again, it doesn’t impede the function of the restraints at all.

Material overlap, demonstrated on my wrist

In terms of ability to actually restrain someone, these work well. They don’t have any pressure areas that get painful but the construction feels solid enough that I have no fear of breaking anything. The Saffron line also allows fear easy clean up with gentle soap and warm water in case things get messy. In terms of how they compare with other high-quality restraints, I would say the Saffron toys aren’t going to feel as good or mold to the body like real leather but that’s just a given with faux-anything. Additionally, the Saffron cuffs & leash are significantly less expensive than bespoke leather toys. Overall, I would highly recommend this line to most people looking to replace uncomfortable restraints or just start off a BDSM collection with some really great gear. Click here to check out the collection.

Doc Johnson Kink The Stinger Electro Play Wand

While the Sportsheets Saffron line is definitely a great way to spice up the bedroom, this Doc Johnson electricity toy is truly something different. Ever shocked yourself with static electricity? Imagine that but a bit bigger and with more of a visual and auditory element to go along with the zing of electricity. This toy isn’t something to be scared of though: the electrical current is mild enough that--provided you read instructions and follow safety measures--you shouldn’t sustain any damage or put yourself at any health risks. When I say to read the instructions, please do actually read through them: this toy is not suitable for everyone and should be used with caution.

Cool, now that we have that out of the way, for folx who have checked that they’re all good to go, let’s talk about sensation. This electricity toy focuses on the auditory and visual aspect of play as much as it does touch, stimulating more senses than lots of other forms of sensation play. When the end of the wand makes contact with skin, it produces a visual spark and decently loud crackle of electricity. I must admit I was shocked by this when I first tried the toy (pun intended) but enjoyed the surprise.

The touch aspect of the toy is actually milder than I had expected compared to the other elements of the electricity. It feels light and mild, more tingly than painful: if you’ve ever had a rubber band snap on your skin, know that it’s much gentler than that. I think, though admittedly I haven’t had the chance to try this, that this electricity toy would pair AMAZINGLY with a blindfold for an added element of surprise. Overall, this electricity toy is truly different from most other forms of sensation play and is a great choice to add excitement to any encounter. A Note On Sound: this toy--and the nervous giggles or squeals it evokes--CAN be heard through the thin walls in my apartment. If you have thicker walls or live alone, don’t sweat it. If you have a roommate like me, perhaps consider how that will shape your use of this toy. Click here to check it out!

The Sportsheets Saffron Cuffs and Collar with Leash, and the Doc Johnson Stinger Electro Kink Play Wand were sent to me by the wonderful people at Lovers in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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