Ever thought to yourself, “why would people go and change something that works so well?” the answer is capitalism and marketing material but sometimes, innovation is genuinely a good thing and can help us improve on already-great inventions. Prior to owning toys from Viotec, I had never thought to myself “you know what this vibrator needs? A touch screen!” The real question is whether or not I ask myself that after trying out Viotec products. SO, without too much more rambling, I’ll go ahead and get into the review. 


  • 8.25 inches long 

  • 2 inches max diameter (no insertable length though tehorhetically you could put the silicone portion in your body)

  • Splashproof

  • Rechargeable 

  • 7 patterns and 5 intensities 

  • Silicone head (super squishy!!)

  • Touch panel controls


The Viotec Titan Wand is an objectively beautiful toy and stands out from pretty much everything else in my collection. It comes in three colors--black, aqua, and red-- and mine is the gorgeous warm red, sort of a wine red, with bronze metal details: the price reflects the luxury appearance of this toy. The head is made of ultra smooshy silicone that feels amazing to press into a body or grind on, compared to the oftentimes firm silicone on other wand vibrators. The body of the toy is made of something that looks like--but doesn't feel like--leather: I believe it is some sort of plastic based on the listed materials.

The Viotec Titan Wand solidly fits into the mini wand category that things like the Femme Fun Ultra Wand and Le Wand Petite fall into; they don't house the power of full sized wands like the MWR, but they are smaller and tend to be lighter-weight and quieter.


Viotec toys--I own two--have unique motors: they’re very quiet relative to strength and really rumbly! Awesome! While the Titan Wand doesn't get as strong as the Magic Wand, it gets up to maybe 75% of the strength of the We-Vibe Wand at a lower price AND in a smaller package. These vibrations penetrate through skin nicely and make me orgasm quickly and consistently every time I use this toy. There are only five speeds that are pretty standard with good incremental changes.

Touch Panel??

So one of the big marketing points for Viotec is their unique touch screen controls and sorry to be a downer, but I just don’t get it. The touch panels are finicky at best and a nuisance at worst: normal buttons would be a serious improvement. The Titan Wand does still have a normal-ish button you can use to turn the toy on and off and cycle through the different intensities. The issue is that I end up grabbing the long touch panel anytime i hold the wand, and this oftentimes changes the intensity. Annoying! As long as I hike up my grip beyond the touch panel, this doesn't impede use too much but this is definitely something to think about 

Ideal Uses: 

This wand vibrator is great for people who…

  • Like luxury toys 

  • Wand a lighter-weight, splashproof, quiet wand vibrator

  • Don’t mind finicky controls 

  • Don’t care about having the STRONGEST vibe

  • Have sme money (the Titan Wand is $93 at The Vibed: use code QUEER15 for 15% off

Bottom Line: 

The Viotec Titan Wand is a unique and high-quality mini wand vibrator that I find myself reaching for surprisingly often when I want something gentler than my MWR, and I’d recommend it to others with the same goal use. Click here to buy the Viotec Titan Wand and use code QUEER15 for 15% off your order.

The Viotec Titan Wand Vibrator was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

Despite its approachable price point, the BMS Pillow Talk Sassy is one of the most talked about G-spot vibrators in the world or sex blogging. It’s known for it’s intuitive shape, easy controls, and rumbly strong vibrations. When The Vibed gave me a chance to try out and review this vibe, I jumped at the chance. Let’s dive in and see if the Sassy really lives up to the hype. 


  • 1.4 inches max diameter 

  • 5 inches insertable length 

  • 7.5 inches total length 

  • Lightweight with easy to maneuver handle

  • Slightly flexible form

  • One button for power/speed (I’ll explain this one below)

  • Splashproof and rechargeable 

  • Curved shape to stimulate G-spot

  • Zero patterns, good speed range

  • Under $30 at The Vibed (using code QUEER15 for 15% off site-wide)

Okay so for folx who like patterns: this is not the vibrator for you since it has no patterns. But for everyone else, it is by far the best multi-functional vibrator at it’s price point. 

The intensity of vibrations is controlled by a single button at the bottom of the toy. One short press will turn the vibe on or off while a sustained press will up the speed; just release when it’s as strong as you want. As someone who hates vibration patterns and loves having easy speed controls, this system is perfect and makes me question why other vibrators even need multiple controls or patterns at all. I will say that the button placement may be annoying in terms of accidentally pressing it during use but i havent had any issues. 


The vibrations in this toy are great: very rumbly, quiet, and they get pretty darn strong! I did a sound test with my roommate, and they were unable to hear the highest speed through my door with no background noise! Success for my folx who enjoy discretion! Since you have full choice of what intensity you want, it's easy to increase the speed to your preferences. The low end of the Sassy is very rumbly and gentle and the high end of the Sassy is decently strong (not Magic Wand types of power but as good as I’ve seen in a smaller vibrator).


The Sassy is cute if not a bit kitschy. The jewel-like button (for power controls) isn’t really my style, but I enjoy the pastel aqua color that sets Sassy apart from my mountains of pink vibrators. There's a groove on the silicone body of the Sassy that I would get rid of if it were an option: lube and vaginal fluids get stuck in it and it serves no functional purpose. That being said, I also rarely notice it in use so don't get too hung up on this minor design flaw.

The shape of the Sassy is excellent. It is easily my favorite vibrator to target my G-spot. The curve in the neck of Sassy is the perfect angle to tuck behind my pubic bone and massage my g-spot with scooping motions (yes, like scooping ice cream) or little bumps or even just to leave it be if that’s what I feel like: many days, the vibrations are strong enough to get me off without much movement (when paired with clitoral stimulation).

The Sassy also works quite well clitorally. It hits the middle ground between broad and pinpoint stimulation, with fairly strong, rumbly vibrations. Though I am currently single and haven't tried the Sassy with a partner, I imagine it would work well during any kind of sex since it's slimmer in form and has a decent handle with which to angle the motor onto the clit, nipples, G-spot, etc.

Bottom Line:

Overall, the BMS Factory Pillowtalk Sassy is a well, made, high quality, and super affordable g-spot and clitoral vibrator I’d reccomend it to just about anyone at it’s given price point. To buy the Sassy, click here and use code QUEER15 for 15% off.

The BMS Factory Pillow Talk Sassy G-spot Vibrator was sent to me by the wonderful people at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

Self-thrusting sex toys are relativley new to the game. Fuck machines have been around for awhile but resemble (both in size and noise) powertools: nothing about them is subtle or portable. A few years back, German manufacturer Fun Factory did something special, creating the handheld cousin of full-sized fuck machines (I have yet to try these toys called Stronics, but hopefully I will soon). This, rather unsurprisingly, inspired other companies to create self-thrusting toys, the newest and cutest iteration of which is the toy I’m here with today: the Femme Fun Cadenza.

Femme Fun is a relativley new company that specializes in fun exteriors and powerful motors for femme-centered pleasure and the Cadenza fits right in with their other products: IT IS GODDAMN STRONG and visually-appealing! But enough rambling, let’s get to the review and demo. 


  • 7 thrusting speeds (no patterns)

  • Splashproof

  • Made of silicone 

  • Hooked tip for g-spot action 

  • 10 inches long (7 inches insertable aka the silicone portion)

  • 1.7 inches max diameter

  • Decently loud and heavy (this is inevitable with self-thrusting toys but worth noting)

  • $179.99 ($153 with code QUEER15 at The Vibed)

But, What Do You Mean It *Thrusts*?

If you are trying to visualize how the Cadenza compares to manual thrusting, it’s not the same. The motor of the Cadenza moves the top two inches of the toy, moving less than an inch back and forth. This does not feel like a dildo, fingers, or penis being thrust into your body. It’s much more mechanical but also has some real THUMP behind it that will still move the end of the toy when it’s being tightly clenched inside of you. 

Since there are seven speeds, I’ll compare them to heart rates as I feel that will be easiest to consume. The first is low and slow, a resting heart rate somewhere in the 50-80ish BPM range (these are my best guesses). The second, third, fourth, and firth speeds increase evenly by about 20 BPM per speed. The six setting feels like quite a jump up from the fifth, and increases enough to feel like machinery more than a heart rate: it’s fast. The seventh setting is truly like a jackhammer and would be alarming as a heart rate, suggesting some sort of severe cardiac arrest. It is, again, a big jump up from the sixth setting and not for the faint of orefice. It’s not subtle or natural, it’s insane power. Whether or no that’s a good thing is subjective but the shallow, fasts thrusts of this toy scream “squirt!” **personally, I cannot squirt but I have a feeling this toy would be great for squirting).**

Demo Video:

Ideal Uses:

Does your orefice like gentle caresses and soft massaging, perhaps even squishy dildos to clench around? If so, this may not be the toy for you. It’s made of firm silicone, strong as hell, and its thrusts are unrelenting. I would love to try putting a silicone cock sheath over the Cadenza to see how it feels with a squishy silicone exterior and some more girth (since that’s more inline with my interests). 

Do you enjoy strong g-spot, p-spot, or a-spot stimulation in quick motions that really target your preferred internal erogenous zone? Do you like a hooked curve in your insertable toys? The Cadenza might just become your best quarantine buddy. This thing can really pound into you with little effort on behalf of the user: a refreshing change if you’re used to hands cramping up from use or just want to treat yourself.


I am incredibly lucky to be housemates with one of my best friends who is a lovely sex positive and queer individual. They often help me with work-related things such as positioning dildos on our balcony and in the case of this review, noise tests. While I am personally indifferent to how loud the Cadenza is, it seemed worth researching since I know many of my readers are concerned with privacy. According to my very official experiments, the Cadenza can be heard through closed doors, from the next room over on speeds five, six, and seven and I would say that the walls in my apartment are average if not a bit thing. Put on a white noise machine and you may be able to pull off speed five undetected but the chances of a roommate, neighbor, et all, hearing settings six and seven are pretty high in my opinion. If you want to be able to use this baby in stealth mode, maybe take it in the shower or throw on some loud-ish music.  The Cadenza may also produce loud noises from the user: not a bad thing, but again, I like to be thorough.

A Note On Price:

The Femme Fun Cadenza is expensive, but it's one of the few toys I feel justifies such a high price tag. It’s a really unique product, well-made, aesthetically pleasing, and I honestly have no qualms with it. Additionally, self-thrusting products tend to be in the $150 and up price range. Hopefully, brands will start to catch on and make more affordable, mainstream options in the coming years but for now, I think the price of the Cadenza is quite fair. I wouldn’t recommend this as a first toy since it’s pricey and intense but for folx who already own a few toys and are willing to spend a bit more for something intense, I would highly reccomend it. 

Bottom Line:

Overall, the Femme Fun Cadenza is a fantastically strong, self-thrusting toy in an aesthetically pleasing package. Click here to buy it and use code QUEER15 for 15% off this toy and the entire selection at The Vibed!

The Femme Fun Cadenza was sent to me by the wonderfuol folx over at The Vibed in exchange for my honest review. As per usual, all my opinions and statements are 100% my own. If you’d like to send me a product for review, go to the Work With Me page to get in touch.

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